Sous Chef Able


Welcome to CEPPO! Enjoy your exquisite Italian cuisine in cozy atmosphere.
Bon Appetit!

Sous Chef Rosario 

Before coming to Ceppo, Rosario worked as a chef at Arches in Newport Beach for 22 years.


"Hi , I am Masa and pround to serve our delicious
Italian Foods at CEPPO.


Teri apply her expertise as a Japan Airline flight Attendant, will make sure  every customer has
wonderful experience at CEPPO.

Our Staff

Passionate chef Tomi creates beautifully arranged dishes with a mild touch of French & Japanese influences, displaying the art of mix-cultured culinary.


Most nights you’ll find Teri greeting guests out front and Tomi supervising the busy kitchen.

A Story of CEPPO Family

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Owner/Chef Tomi Harase

Chef Tomi's career started at local restaurant in his hometown Gifu, Japan when he was a high school student. He was fascinated and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a chef.

He moved to the famous French restaurant in Tokyo. The owner sent him to Paris to study French (Le Grand Vefour: over 300 years of restaurant history).

He was an executive chef for Wolfgang Puck, at Cinois on Main and Spago in LA, US.

He was 30 years old when he opened his own restaurant in Downtown LA and continued onto Beverly Hills for 11 years. As a pioneer of Pacific Rim Cuisine, Café Blanc was introduced by the media such as LA Times, LA weekly and Zagat as a top restaurant in L.A. Many celebrities (Judy Foster, Madonna, others) used to dine here.

He then moved to OC to open a bakery in Costa Mesa to share his love for sweets and explore his cooking in pastries. Now he brings 37 years of kitchen experience at Japan, France, and U.S.A to your table and create Muti-cultures art of Culinary. His challenge and passion in his cooking still continue...